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These are the eyes of the workforce of the future, currently processing information and making some surprising decisions around where, when and on what it will choose to work. Nourish and nurture current and future talent and listen intently to its views on work, working and workplace.

As an employment research consultancy, the predominance of the assignments undertakenby Worklab entail sourcing, aggregating and distilling data and market intelligence into insights through which organisations can make informed decisions around workforce strategy.

Our outputs either take the form of research reports that clients choose to publish for an external audience or are used internally to inform organisational and/or business development strategy. Reports for internal consumption cover all forms of market mapping (UK and international), including demand and supply-side talent profiling, pay-rate/reward level benchmarking and competitor analysis.

Clients include:

  • Public and private sector employers
  • Government
  • Trade associations / bodies
  • Research and investment houses
  • BPOs / HROs / RPOs / MSPs
  • HR Services and recruitment technology providers (including on-line work platforms)
  • Data aggregators
  • Recruitment intermediaries and their supply chain partners

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